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2012-02-24'Agreed' international rules for forestry may have a significant impact on New Zealand's liabilities
2021-02-19Corporate Reporter Issue No. 66
2017-08-112020 a key year for the Emissions Trading Scheme
2013-08-23A bite at Apple – the e-books case
2012-12-19A bumpy road to a dead end
2015-06-02A case of wine and commissions
2019-02-14A completely genuine ticket to Court - Commerce Commission v Viagogo AG
2020-03-26A framework for directors navigating the effects of COVID-19
2018-05-01A fresh look at the recoverability of takeover expenses
2016-12-14A fresh look at the Search and Surveillance Act
2017-10-18A green light for robo-advice
2019-05-07A link tax in New Zealand?
2019-10-03A meaty issue - when is a burger not a burger?
2016-08-23A milestone for New Zealand arbitration
2020-08-10A new decision on international data transfer - implications for New Zealand
2021-08-12A reopening of New Zealand’s borders on the horizon?
2017-04-03A right to data portability: Privacy and competition law concerns
2021-05-03A solid report card for New Zealand’s AML/CFT regime, with room for improvement
2019-12-03A third category of worker in NZ? MBIE seeks your feedback
2015-01-19A win for arbitration: Supreme Court narrows the scope for court involvement in arbitral proceedings
2018-05-21A win for contractual certainty - UK Supreme Court finds "no oral variation" clauses enforceable
2021-04-06Access to justice cuts both ways: Class action law reform must ensure that all parties are treated fairly
2014-05-02Advertising and the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012
2013-12-19Alcohol law changes will have big impact on business
2013-10-08All in a Season's Work
2015-11-20Amendments to the FMC Regulations released
2021-03-03AML compliance grace period over for real estate, legal and accountancy sectors
2019-12-19An end to unconscionable conduct? Fair Trading Amendment Bill introduced
2016-07-12An equally divided Supreme Court: receivers still liable for body corporate levies
2014-12-16An update on changes to alcohol laws before festivities begin
2016-09-16Applications under the Overseas Investment Act 2005 - a practical update
2018-06-15Arbitration in New Zealand
2019-05-06Arbitration law reform: three takeaways
2016-12-07Are "full and final" settlements really final?
2018-08-07Are you paying your employees correctly?
2020-06-29ASIC fails in responsible lending appeal - implications for NZ lenders
2019-08-15ASIC loses landmark responsible lending case - implications for NZ lenders
2021-01-27ASIC proposes further consumer remediation guidance
2020-08-28ASIC takes enforcement action for cyber-security failings – implications for NZ institutions
2019-10-08Assessing options for mitigating and allocating risks in the NZ construction industry
2018-01-16Auckland's 30 year plan to open for consultation - have your say in Auckland's future
2012-11-15Auditors' Liability for Failed Finance Companies
2020-09-25Australia overhauls responsible lending laws – will New Zealand continue in a different direction?
2018-11-29Australia to impose moratorium on genetic test results for life insurance
2021-04-29Australian case finds that mandatory flu vaccination policy for childcare workers was a "lawful and reasonable instruction"
2018-06-14Australian class action reform: implications for New Zealand
2015-10-29Australian Court determines project manager is not an “officer”
2021-04-22Australian Court finds Google’s privacy settings misled customers in “world first” claim
2019-12-05Australian High Court rules against common fund orders in class actions
2019-07-01Banking reform: what's in a name?
2012-11-05Bell Group appeal: issues for directors and creditors
2017-05-18Bell Gully's guide to the Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017
2017-06-23Bell Gully's Takeovers Market Practice Report
2016-11-28Bell Gully partners contribute chapter to Collective Actions Global Guide
2019-05-15Bell Gully partners contribute to Class/Collective Actions Global Guide
2020-10-19Bell Gully partners published in Class and Collective Actions Global Guide
2018-09-05Bell Gully partners published in Class/Collective Actions Global Guide
2017-07-24Bell Gully releases guide to the NZX corporate governance code
2016-08-02Bell Gully specialists contribute to global competition publication
2015-05-25Bell Gully specialists participate in global competition publication
2014-03-11Bill introduced to overhaul health and safety laws
2019-06-20Blockchain: a mature new phase?
2016-04-15Breach of Overseas Investment Act places “associate” rules in the spotlight
2017-04-24Breakthrough for pay equity - an historic settlement and new Bill
2016-06-21Brexit - should we care?
2017-01-26Brexit: Statute required to trigger Article 50, says Supreme Court
2019-01-31Buckle up – the “Year of Privacy” begins
2016-08-26Bullying boss held personally liable under health and safety law
2017-11-22Businesses have less than one month to comply with new hazardous substances regulations
2017-07-28Businesses should prepare for new asbestos regime
2016-12-20Cabinet reshuffle changes the OIO ministerial decision makers
2018-11-06Can a tenant break a lease when its premises are damaged or destroyed?
2011-08-01Cartel criminalisation - a well designed sledgehammer to crack a nut?
2015-04-21Cartel damages thinned out
2014-07-14CCCFA: Responsible Lending Code Submissions Invited
2014-11-07CCCFA update - Disclosure and rebate regulations
2014-05-15CCH New Zealand Budget Report 2014
2015-05-21CCH New Zealand Budget Report 2015
2016-05-26CCH New Zealand Budget Report 2016
2017-05-18CCH New Zealand Budget Report 2017
2018-05-17CCH New Zealand Budget Report 2018
2019-02-21CGT: no Government commitment for now
2020-01-29Challenges ahead for the Construction Sector Transformation Plan
2015-03-06Changes affecting all employers come into force today
2021-08-11Changes afoot for the NZ ETS - participants, advisors and NZU traders take note
2015-09-01Changes to New Zealand’s anti-dumping laws
2012-08-21Changes to Taxation of lease inducement payments
2019-03-20Changes to the ERA: what employers need to know
2014-05-02Changes to the sale of liquor – no more free wine ads
2015-10-06Clarity on base erosion and profit shifting recommendations – but what next?
2018-07-05Class action developments: High Court finds in favour of kiwifruit class action
2018-09-07Class action rules: changes on the horizon?
2021-10-04Class action update: High Court sets rules for communicating with potential class members
2017-11-27Class action update
2018-02-09Class actions - what's ahead in 2018?
2015-04-07Clayton v Clayton: Court of Appeal reminder that trusts are not always sacrosanct
2021-06-10Climate Change Commission’s final advice – the foundation for change
2019-07-03Climate-related risk highlighted in Reserve Bank Act review
2011-07-12Commerce (Cartels and Other Matters) Amendment Bill: Submissions due 22 July
2011-11-21Commerce (Cartels and Other Matters) Amendment Bill
2015-06-26Commerce Act compliance guide
2011-05-09Commerce Act penalties - the bigger they are, the harder they fall?
2015-11-17Commerce Act up for review
2020-03-11Commerce Commission calls time on Viagogo interim injunction
2020-03-23COVID-19 Commerce Commission issues guidance but cartel risks remain
2021-09-17Commerce Commission issues warning on recyclable claim for hot drink cups
2015-03-24Commerce Commission parks Wilson investigation
2017-08-28Commerce Commission releases third industry review on unfair contract terms
2015-02-26Commerce Commission releases Unfair Contract Terms guidelines
2016-02-11Commerce Commission to undertake a review of credit contracts for unfair contract terms
2014-08-20Commerce Commission’s continued focus on the health sector
2021-09-02Commercial negotiations vs illegitimate pressure: UK Supreme Court rules on scope of lawful economic duress
2014-08-08Commission consulting on guidelines about unfair contract terms
2016-02-10Commerce Commission releases report on unfair contract terms in the telco sector
2012-05-04Competing concerns - private litigant access to leniency materials
2014-10-09Competition class actions
2019-07-24Comprehensive overhaul of the RMA announced
2016-07-08Concern over missing details as OECD targets tax base erosion and profit shifting
2020-08-10Conduct regulation update: Select Committee recommends changes to proposed COFI regime
2013-08-12Conducting board meetings: some useful judicial guidance
2020-12-04Construction: 2020 year in review
2016-11-03Construction Contracts Act - new statutory trust model for retentions
2017-03-09Construction Contracts Act - retention regime amendments
2013-11-22Construction law update: review of NZS 3910:2013 conditions of contract for building and civil engineering construction
2020-12-04Construction test
2019-07-17Consultation announced on a proposed Medicinal Cannabis Scheme
2019-08-15Consultation announced on proposed product stewardship framework for waste minimisation
2017-07-04Consumer Credit Fees Guidelines updated
2019-11-14Consumer credit law set for major changes under expanded Amendment Bill
2020-12-09Consumer credit update: submissions open on revised Responsible Lending Code
2021-07-07Consumer Data Right on track for 2022: consumers “in the driver’s seat”
2014-06-18Consumer Guarantees Amendment Act 2013 – Key changes
2013-03-14Consumer Law Reform Bill – Do your contracts comply?
2013-12-11Consumer Law Reform Bill passes into law (at last)
2021-02-26Continuous disclosure: Australian reforms may prompt NZ rethink
2021-02-26Continuous disclosure: Proposed Australian reforms may prompt NZ rethink
2017-06-30Contract interpretation update: Supreme Court considers relevance of pre-contractual negotiations
2019-11-25Copyright review - MBIE's approach to policy development
2020-03-17COVID-19 Updated practical tips for employers in an evolving situation
2020-03-03COVID-19 Practical tips for employers
2015-06-24Corporate manslaughter offence reconsidered for workplace deaths
2016-01-27Corporate Reporter - Issue No. 39
2016-04-21Corporate Reporter - Issue No. 40
2016-07-04Corporate Reporter - Issue No. 41
2016-09-08Corporate Reporter - Issue No. 42
2016-11-16Corporate Reporter - Issue No. 43
2017-02-15Corporate Reporter - Issue No. 44
2017-06-29Corporate Reporter - Issue No. 46
2017-08-22Corporate Reporter - Issue No. 47
2017-10-30Corporate Reporter - Issue No. 48
2018-04-05Corporate Reporter - Issue No. 51
2017-05-03Corporate Reporter - Issue No. 45
2017-12-13Corporate Reporter - Issue No. 49
2018-02-21Corporate Reporter - Issue No. 50
2018-09-07Corporate Reporter Issue No. 54
2018-11-06Corporate Reporter Issue No. 55
2018-12-12Corporate Reporter Issue No. 56
2021-07-29Corporate Reporter Issue No. 68
2015-02-23Corporate Reporter - Issue No. 33
2015-04-23Corporate Reporter - Issue No. 34
2015-06-24Corporate Reporter - Issue No. 35
2015-08-07Corporate Reporter - Issue No. 36
2015-09-29Corporate Reporter - Issue No. 37
2015-11-17Corporate Reporter - Issue No. 38
2018-05-30Corporate Reporter - Issue No. 52
2018-07-19Corporate Reporter Issue No. 53
2019-03-22Corporate Reporter Issue No. 57
2019-05-14Corporate Reporter Issue No. 58
2019-07-12Corporate Reporter Issue No. 59
2019-09-17Corporate Reporter Issue No. 60
2019-11-13Corporate Reporter Issue No. 61
2019-12-13Corporate Reporter Issue No. 62
2020-02-26Corporate Reporter Issue No. 63
2020-07-23Corporate Reporter Issue No. 64
2020-11-10Corporate Reporter Issue No. 65
2021-05-14Corporate Reporter Issue No. 67
2019-09-16Court of Appeal addresses issues with guarantee obligations
2017-09-01Court of Appeal allows James Hardie class action to proceed
2019-09-17Court of Appeal allows opt-out class actions
2020-08-06Court of Appeal delivers significant decision on shareholder rights
2020-05-01Court of Appeal rewrites rules of contractual interpretation
2018-03-28Double tax agreement interpretation in the spotlight again – Court of Appeal reverses foreign tax credits decision
2017-05-17Court of Appeal says $28 million late payment fee is not a penalty
2016-11-10Court of Appeal upholds parties' choice of law in cross-border employment relationship
2020-04-15Court rules on status of cryptocurrencies
2021-09-27Court says some ‘robust realism’ can be applied to Bunnings’ lowest price claims
2014-11-13Courts may scrutinise employers’ rationale for redundancies
2021-05-17Courts propose sweeping reforms to civil litigation in New Zealand
2020-04-16COVID-19 Response extends collective bargaining timeframes
2020-03-17COVID-19 Five key legal issues on your agenda
2020-03-26COVID-19 A framework for directors
2020-03-20COVID-19 Access to capital and financial reporting - regulators provide support for listed issuers and other FMC reporting entities
2020-04-01COVID-19 Adapting to a new normal (Video)
2020-05-12COVID-19 Alert Level 2: Is your business prepared?
2020-05-19COVID-19 Alert Level 2: What does it mean for landlords and tenants?
2020-04-20COVID-19 Alert Level 3: What business owners, landlords and tenants, and employers need to know
2020-03-27COVID-19 Alert Level 4: practical tips for businesses
2020-03-25COVID-19 Are you an essential service?
2020-04-07COVID-19 The Commerce Commission issues guidance to lenders
2020-05-11COVID-19 Competitor collaboration in a new world
2020-05-12COVID-19 Contact tracing - how might it work?
2020-04-15COVID-19 Government announces changes to lease and mortgage laws
2020-06-05COVID-19 Government announces rent relief for some affected tenants
2020-05-28COVID-19 Government passes urgent overseas investment legislation with key amendments
2020-03-13COVID-19 How leases respond to a pandemic situation
2020-03-12COVID-19 Issues for NZX listed companies
2020-06-03COVID-19 Overseas investment reforms to take effect in two weeks
2020-04-09COVID-19 Privacy in a pandemic
2020-04-01COVID-19 Raising equity capital
2020-08-07COVID-19 Regulatory Relief - Snapshot of key dates
2020-08-17COVID-19: Revisiting Alert Level 3 and Alert Level 2 – the implications for employers
2020-05-04COVID-19 RMA consents fast tracked and further policy changes
2021-08-19COVID-19: The shift back to Alert Level 4
2020-03-19COVID-19 Tips for effective crisis management and incident response
2020-06-05COVID-19 Traceability and food safety in the digital age
2020-04-08COVID-19 Legal updates
2020-04-30COVID-19 What could the latest proposed changes to the Property Law Act mean for landlords and tenants?
2020-04-08COVID-19 What is 'fair' when it comes to rent suspension?
2020-03-12COVID-19: what you need to know
2020-03-06COVID-19 Will the effects of the coronavirus allow you to avoid contractual obligations?
2020-04-14COVID-19 Preparing for a change in Alert Level: practical tips for employers
2020-04-15COVID-19 Tax relief measures, new and old
2018-11-16CPTPP Agreement sparks further legislative change
2014-05-29Credit Contract Law Reform given the green light by Parliament
2019-04-05Criminal sanctions for cartel conduct introduced into law
2014-06-19Criminalisation of directors’ duties – the final outcome
2012-10-10Crown Minerals - Minerals Programme Reform
2012-09-25Crown Minerals Act reform is here
2012-03-19Crown Minerals Act review - a step forward
2012-05-07Crown Minerals Act Review - Bell Gully Submission
2021-09-16Crypto clarity? New tax bill proposes tax exemptions for cryptoassets, GST on NFTs and more
2011-04-13Customs Duty Update Value for Duty Revisited
2017-03-28Cyber security - Government's strategy on track
2017-08-14Data Futures Partnership Releases Guidelines for Trusted Data Use
2019-07-24Data protection and real-time bidding technology: Is a crackdown by regulatory authorities imminent?
2015-07-02Defects in disciplinary process prove expensive
2019-07-03Derivatives Margin Bill a step closer to becoming law
2019-08-27Derivatives Margin Bill is passed
2017-11-23Details of new Tax Working Group announced
2014-03-04Details of Phase 1 of the Financial Markets Conduct Act now confirmed
2018-06-20Development exemption struck from Overseas Investment amendments, private bill possible
2019-05-22Digital services tax: what would it look like?
2014-03-26Director Convicted for Health and Safety Breach
2019-05-31Director liability for non-disclosure in sale process
2013-06-04Directors should heed best practice health and safety guideline
2019-10-16Disclosing the crown jewels - the latest from the Courts on Trustee disclosure obligations
2018-09-04Discussion document released for residential tenancy law reforms
2019-07-30Do you have genuine reasons for hiring fixed term employees?
2017-10-30Does an arbitration clause prevent a tenant from seeking relief against cancellation from the Courts?
2019-07-01Doing Business in New Zealand: a guide
2018-06-19Domestic violence victims one step closer to receiving greater protection from their employer
2013-02-25Dos and Dont's for drafting alternative dispute resolution clauses
2015-07-31Double setback for ACCC in price fixing claims
2014-07-03Drafting arbitration agreements: Supreme Court takes a strict approach
2021-09-17Drone regulation gets off the ground: Civil Aviation Bill introduced
2014-09-19Earning Gold Stars – The introduction of the Voluntary Health Star Rating Scheme
2012-10-25Earthquake Prone Buildings and the Health and Safety in Employment Act
2017-07-10Earthquake Prone Buildings timeframes commence
2014-08-04Election 2014: Pre-Election period
2014-10-06Election 2014: The Outcome
2015-04-20Employee share schemes - proposed reforms to tax collection mechanism
2014-07-23Employee unjustifiably dismissed after producing suspicious medical certificate
2013-11-19Employer justified in dismissing for "out of work" behaviour
2014-03-05Employer ordered to disclose applicants' CVs to unsuccessful job seeker
2018-03-08Employers face claims by MBIE for holiday pay non-compliance
2020-05-15Employment Court decision finds discretionary incentive payments must be included in holiday pay calculations
2017-08-22Employment Court decision in first "availability case"
2021-08-30Employment law at Alert Level 4: here we go again, but it’s different this time
2017-03-28Engineer unable to rely on standard limitation clause
2017-05-05Enhanced financial market infrastructure laws on the way - an overhaul of the financial plumbing
2020-03-25COVID-19 Epidemic notice and emergency powers - what do they mean for businesses and employers?
2019-04-26ERA changes update: MBIE releases Active Choice Form
2018-06-28Europe FTA could offer NZ many indirect benefits
2019-02-20Expert Advisory Panel for Electricity Price Review releases Options Paper
2012-10-19Exporting jurisdiction (2): more on the liability of foreign parents under the Commerce Act
2012-06-29Exporting jurisdiction: liability of foreign parents under the Commerce Act
2020-06-10Extension to Dietary Supplement Regulations: Essential for the protection of consumer health
2020-05-14COVID-19 Extension to the existing Wage Subsidy Scheme
2021-05-14Fair Pay Agreements: many important questions remain unanswered
2014-06-18Fair Trading Amendment Act 2013 – Key changes coming into effect
2021-06-04Fair Trading Amendment Bill - key changes likely to be in effect next year
2020-12-17Family trusts – is a trust right for you?
2019-11-05Farm Debt Mediation Bill update
2021-08-03FC of T v Glencore Investment Pty Ltd - a pragmatic approach to transfer pricing
2017-01-27New Zealand public sector on top - but fight against corruption real
2021-05-06Financial Market Infrastructures Act passed
2019-12-18Financial Market Infrastructures Bill introduced
2019-08-02Financial market infrastructures law one step closer to reality
2013-11-01Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013
2014-11-05Financial Markets Conduct Regulations issued
2020-12-10Financial Services: 2020 year in review
2020-12-18Financial services: 2020 year in review
2021-02-16Financial Services in 2021: what ministerial briefings tell us about the year ahead
2016-03-01Financial Services Quarterly - Autumn 2016
2017-03-01Financial Services Quarterly - Autumn 2017
2015-09-11Financial Services Quarterly - Spring 2015
2016-09-01Financial Services Quarterly - Spring 2016
2017-09-01Financial Services Quarterly - Spring 2017
2015-12-07Financial Services Quarterly - Summer 2015/16
2016-12-02Financial Services Quarterly - Summer 2016/17
2018-11-30Financial Services Quarterly - Summer 2018/19
2015-05-28Financial Services Quarterly - Winter 2015
2016-06-01Financial Services Quarterly - Winter 2016
2017-06-01Financial Services Quarterly - Winter 2017
2015-03-05Financial Services Quarterly - Autumn 2015
2018-03-02Financial Services Quarterly - Autumn 2018
2019-03-06Financial Services Quarterly - Autumn 2019
2020-03-02Financial Services Quarterly - Autumn 2020
2018-09-03Financial Services Quarterly - Spring 2018
2019-09-03Financial Services Quarterly - Spring 2019
2014-12-08Financial Services Quarterly - Summer 2014/2015
2017-12-01Financial Services Quarterly - Summer 2017/18
2019-12-03Financial Services Quarterly - Summer 2019/20
2018-06-01Financial Services Quarterly - Winter 2018
2019-06-04Financial Services Quarterly - Winter 2019
2020-06-03Financial Services Quarterly Winter 2020
2019-03-22Government announces further review of fire insurance levies
2017-06-20First criminal sentence puts spotlight on insider trading laws
2018-08-10First HSWA appeal confirms existing sentencing approach and sets guidelines for fines
2020-10-20First major review of the Food Standards Australia New Zealand Act 1991 - a call for submissions
2017-08-25First sentencing decision under new Health and Safety at Work Act disappoints on guidance
2019-11-14First “Unfair Contract Terms” declaration granted by the High Court
2015-02-18FMA and OECD update their Corporate Governance Principles and Guidelines for the new corporate environment
2019-05-16FMA announces formal warnings for audit failings
2017-11-15FMA consults on draft of its updated Corporate Governance Handbook
2014-02-03FMA consults on new financial reporting exemptions and designations for FMC reporting entities
2015-06-22FMA extracts significant settlement from leading asset management firm
2015-10-02FMA held to be in breach of its natural justice obligations
2018-12-06FMA investigation casts spotlight on disclosure change that may catch directors
2017-04-03FMA moves to license issuers of short-duration derivatives
2020-11-23FMA proposed guidance: advertising offers of financial products under the FMCA 2013
2019-07-25FMA Strategic Risk Outlook: what's new?
2021-09-08FMA updates expectations around vulnerable customers
2014-11-14FMA wants your feedback on revised Corporate Governance Handbook
2020-09-28FMA’s Supervision Insights: how you can best meet the regulator’s expectations
2014-05-29Food Bill unanimously passes its third reading
2021-09-01FOUR FAST FACTS on financial services in elevated Alert Levels
2021-08-05FOUR FAST FACTS on fit and proper person certification
2021-10-04FOUR FAST FACTS on FMA enforcement
2021-04-06FOUR FAST FACTS on IBOR benchmarks
2021-07-06FOUR FAST FACTS on new Banking Prudential Requirements
2021-06-01FOUR FAST FACTS on the AML/CFT regime evaluation
2021-05-07FOUR FAST FACTS ON the Deposit Takers Act
2021-03-03FOUR FAST FACTS on the Responsible Lending Code
2021-02-12FOUR FAST FACTS on trusts in financing transactions
2013-11-05Further amendments proposed for the Financial Reporting Bill
2014-07-24Further clarification of "unfair contract terms" and other changes to the Consumer Law Reform Bill
2019-10-29Further consultation on the Fair Pay Agreements system - your submissions sought
2018-11-08Further delay to new fire service levy regime
2019-09-27Further reform announced on unfair commercial practices and contract terms
2018-12-14Further reforms relating to unfair commercial practices on the agenda for 2019
2013-05-10Further reforms to tax treatment of land related lease payments
2021-07-13G20 endorses overhaul of global tax system
2021-06-11G7 throws support behind taxes on multinationals
2018-05-24GDPR (EU) and Privacy Bill (NZ) - a momentous week for privacy law
2013-11-29Gearing up for the Cartels Bill: the Commission’s draft guidelines
2020-11-03Get it in writing: the Supreme Court on guarantees
2020-02-12Government aims to fast-track urban development
2017-06-07Government amends the Responsible Lending Code's guidance on fees
2016-05-05Government announces changes to overseas investment regime
2019-12-05Government announces decisions on insurance law reform
2017-06-27Government announces proposed changes to the Commerce Act
2020-05-13Government announces urgent law changes to prevent opportunistic acquisitions of New Zealand businesses
2020-02-18Government calls for submissions on Fair Trading Amendment Bill
2021-02-11Government confirms anticipated RMA reforms, reveals new details
2020-11-30Government continues temporary Overseas Investment Office notification regime
2015-11-25Government likely to scrap “one-for-two” ETS surrender obligation
2013-07-24Government proposes new exceptions for insurers under unfair contract legislation
2021-09-29Government proposes statutory amendment to leases that may give tenants a COVID rent reduction
2018-02-15Government puts cartel criminalisation back on the table
2021-05-25Government revokes burdensome COVID-19 emergency notification regime
2014-02-18Government takes steps regarding earthquake-prone buildings
2019-11-19Government to introduce a "National Interest Test" to the overseas investment regime
2013-08-08Government to overhaul Health and Safety in Employment Act
2020-06-19Government to strengthen laws against anti-competitive conduct by firms with market power
2011-08-25Green terms facilitate environmentally sustainable buildings in New Zealand for landlords and tenants
2020-02-25GST update - proposed exemption for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
2019-09-16Guarantee enforcement: Court of Appeal addresses minimum requirements
2021-09-06Guarantees update: new Court of Appeal decision
2016-12-07Happy holidays? Ensuring Holidays Act compliance over Christmas and New Year
2021-07-20Have you checked the employment status of your workers recently?
2021-04-23Health and Disability System Reform – a new centralised approach to healthcare in New Zealand
2013-12-17Health and Safety: Reform Update
2016-02-19Health and Safety at Work Regulations 2016 now available
2014-12-16Health and Safety Reform Bill makes slow progress
2015-07-27Health and Safety Reform Bill – the Select Committee finally reports
2015-05-28Health and safety reform – more delays
2013-07-09Health and safety workplace reform in mining and energy resources
2013-06-28Health check for doctors' certificates brings relief to employers
2013-06-28Healthy competition
2016-07-28Hearings Panel recommendations on the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan focus on capacity for growth
2016-04-20Hidden priorities - Statutory charges and the PPSA
2019-02-19High Court dismisses the Commerce Commission's application for an interim injunction against Viagogo
2015-10-12High Court finds that direct payment by financier to construction company can be clawed back by liquidator
2017-10-02High Court imposes maximum financial penalties under AML Act
2016-12-15Australian High Court rules against Flight Centre in price-fixing case
2017-06-08High Court refuses to strike out key questions in Commerce Commission's proceeding against Harmoney
2018-08-14High Court rules on continuous disclosure obligations of companies in administration
2016-10-13High Court says court can reopen oppressive credit contracts in an undefended proceeding
2014-07-09High Court strident – contract provisions mustn’t meddle with statute or general law
2021-06-24High Court upholds cap on liability in contract for professional services
2018-08-30Holidays Act Issues Paper released for consultation
2018-05-29Holidays Act to be reviewed
2020-06-08Honey Bees in the Supreme Court - Penalty Doctrine update
2015-02-18How does the Commerce Commission view rebate schemes?
2014-07-29How does the Privacy Act apply to mobile apps? New guidance note for businesses and developers
2018-02-20How open is New Zealand to Open Banking?
2017-10-27How should owners and occupiers manage asbestos?
2016-02-24How to avoid disputes about dispute resolution clauses
2015-02-19Ignorance is bliss: trade creditors find it easier to hold on to payments received
2020-12-18Impact of the Trusts Act for financing transactions
2020-03-27Important NZ ETS compliance deadline 31 March 2020
2011-03-08"Importers - are you aware of your duties?" - the Impact of Royalties on Duty Valuation
2016-07-25Chapter: Corporate governance: In-house counsel practical guidance module
2020-03-20In our national interest? A first look at the new Overseas Investment Bill
2021-03-23Increase to overseas investment threshold for Australian investments in significant business assets
2018-11-26Increased overseas investment threshold for Australian investments in significant business assets
2021-05-21Increased sick leave gets the green light: what this means for employers
2013-05-21Independent Taskforce recommends urgent and sweeping changes of current workplace health and safety system
2013-03-12Information exchanges - the ABCs of "hub and spoke" arrangements
2016-09-05Inland Revenue updates share scheme tax proposals
2014-09-01Inquiries Act 2013
2018-05-11Insider trading laws - clarity for the market
2020-05-06COVID-19 Insolvency law relief: What’s in the Bill, and how to use it
2013-10-03Insolvency Practitioners Bill inches closer
2018-03-06Insurance contract law reform back on the agenda for 2018
2014-12-18Insurance Update - three new cases to end the year with
2015-06-24Interim report released on Building (Earthquake-prone Buildings) Amendment Bill
2015-09-15Interlocutory Injunctions
2018-01-18International tax information exchange in the spotlight after judicial review blocks IRD information request
2017-12-05IRD confirms its view that partnership contributions are taxable events
2019-06-04IRD publishes its view on the business premises tax exemption
2015-09-09Is it time for a personal asset planning Warrant of Fitness?
2016-03-09Is relief in sight for offshore futures dealers from NZ client money rules?
2019-09-23Is unfair risk allocation really to blame? Understanding the current state of the construction industry
2017-03-30Issues paper released for the first phase of the Insurance (Prudential Supervision) Act 2010 review
2021-07-27Joint regulators consult on next phase of FMI Act implementation
2013-12-19Keeping the glass full: Freshwater Reform
2016-05-17Keeping the global spotlight on corruption
2010-02-11"Key" reforms – what's left
2018-08-03Kiwifruit and the Crown - expanding regulator liability in Strathboss
2020-04-22Kiwifruit appeal allowed - Crown not liable for Psa disease
2020-04-20Landmark Supreme Court decision confirms key aspects of NZ price fixing prohibition
2020-03-30Latest updates to the COVID-19 Wage Subsidy Scheme - what employers need to know
2019-06-26Law Commission reactivates review of class actions and litigation funding
2020-12-07Law Commission seeks submissions on class actions and litigation funding
2014-06-26Law Commission’s liability review favours continued protection of plaintiffs
2019-05-13Leaky buildings: new guidance on pre-contractual representations
2011-06-03Legislation for New Zealand's last frontier
2014-02-04Legislative changes to pave the way for FATCA in New Zealand
2015-11-09Liquidated damages clauses: UK Supreme Court changes the law
2020-05-18Long-awaited changes will exempt many NZX listed companies from the Overseas Investment Act
2013-08-27Looking to the future – issues facing the wine industry
2016-02-25Lost in the shadows of TPP - Korea/NZ free trade agreement now effective
2014-04-10Lotus Gardens: a new shortcut for liquidators, or the long way round?
2019-02-27Mainzeal directors liable for reckless trading
2015-04-01Major competition law reform recommended in Australia
2017-09-29Make unsubstantiated representations and face the consequences
2014-06-20Making electricity bills transparent
2019-11-14Mandatory climate-related financial disclosures on the horizon
2020-09-16Mandatory climate-risk reporting set to capture 90% of assets under management in New Zealand
2021-04-16Mandatory financial sector climate-related disclosure: new law introduced to Parliament
2019-06-20Mandatory reporting requirements soften in Privacy Bill
2019-08-01Mandatory reporting requirements still raising concerns
2016-12-06Marketing derivatives - seller beware
2014-05-12Marshalling leads to equitable mortgages being worth more than the paper they are written on
2015-05-29MBIE consults on amendments to the Financial Markets Conduct Regulations
2019-05-03MBIE consults on options for significant reform of the insurance sector
2018-06-28MBIE reviews key aspects of New Zealand insurance law
2018-12-10Mental health risks in performance management: an important discussion for employers
2015-09-18Ministers block Lochinver Station purchase – what it means for overseas investors
2020-11-30Misleading and deceptive conduct: when one employee’s actions become the company’s problem
2020-07-01Missed opportunity to breathe life into new whistleblowing laws?
2014-07-23Monetising customer databases - legal issues
2019-02-28More "tweaks" to employment legislation on the cards
2018-05-17Multinational tax proposals move closer to enactment with (some) taxpayer concessions
2015-03-20Must your opinion be reasonable?
2019-01-25New amendments to the Insolvency Practitioners Bill
2018-06-25New AML legislation will affect many property transactions from 1 July 2018
2016-07-04New Bill makes sweeping changes to fire service levies
2017-12-14New Bill proposes overseas investment approval requirement for residential land purchases
2020-07-09New Commerce Commission guidance for green marketers
2019-09-25New conduct regime for banks, insurers and NBDTs announced
2019-06-25New edition of Government Procurement Rules - are you across the changes?
2015-07-27New financial reporting exemption provides certainty for overseas licensed insurers
2013-11-21New financial reporting legislation passed
2019-05-20New framework for pay equity claims a step closer
2014-02-28New guidelines for workplace bullying
2015-08-28New health and safety laws passed by Parliament
2019-09-19New immigration rules: A streamlined process or more red tape?
2018-06-20New leniency for foreign buyers in Overseas Investment Act overhaul but redraft raises fresh issues
2017-05-10New NZX Corporate Governance Code - time to review your corporate governance practices
2016-11-01New proposed National Policy Statement on Urban Development Capacity
2018-03-22New reforms set to modernise Privacy Act
2017-12-13New report suggests the time is right to review the electricity sector
2020-08-13New restrictions on businesses under Alert Levels 2 and 3: what you need to know
2014-06-25New rules for companies and limited partnerships in operation soon
2015-11-03New rules on use of retention funds may miss the mark
2013-08-29New securities legislation finally in place
2017-07-06New Standards for drug contaminated properties
2014-09-04New Supreme Court insurance case cuts a middle ground
2021-06-17New tax loss carry-forward rules: The business continuity test
2021-01-19New year, new law? Significant employment law developments likely in 2021
2018-02-20New Zealand favours English approach to penalties
2020-11-10New Zealand imposes capital gains tax by stealth – on the unfortunate few
2017-07-14New Zealand proposes steps to keep playing in the global OTC sandpit
2021-07-14New Zealand Supreme Court reviews principles of contract interpretation
2019-05-09News media exemption under the Privacy Act: now a matter of "responsibility"?
2021-08-09"No Access" clauses back in the spotlight after COVID-19 rent abatement case
2014-07-11No complaints beyond the boundary – is it enforceable?
2015-12-10No criminal liability for cartels
2015-06-05No more agreed penalties?
2015-04-29No peaks for liquidators
2017-07-14Non-GAAP financial information - how prominent is too prominent?
2013-09-03Non-notified marine consenting for offshore exploration drilling
2016-05-02Not on the label. Online wine and sales and promotions - seller beware!
2019-02-26The Big Picture: Climate Change - getting your business ready
2015-09-25NZ chapter of the Class Actions Global Guide authored by Bell Gully
2021-08-24NZ ETS cost containment reserve trigger price set to rise materially from 2022
2016-07-19New Zealand issuers should take note of Australian concerns about IPO due diligence
2019-05-17NZETS update - tranche two decisions announced
2015-02-27NZX clarifies how to report gender composition in annual reports
2018-04-12NZX consults on revamped listing rules under a new market structure
2020-10-29NZX expands guidance on earnings guidance and correcting market expectations
2018-10-30New NZX Listing Rules in force from 1 January 2019
2020-03-13NZXR's 2019 wrap-up
2020-07-09Official Information Act rewrite announced – what could be included?
2021-06-18Offshore suppliers, are you caught in the New Zealand GST net?
2016-06-27OIO releases report on good character assessment process
2018-05-15OIO residential land amendments delayed
2016-06-27Ombudsman finds significant flaws in State Services Commissioner’s inquiry into leaked MFAT documents
2021-01-19Online contracts update: Uber delivers another lesson in online terms
2018-06-29Open banking and consumer protection - the Government weighs in
2018-02-07Open for business? Shop trading on Easter Sunday
2020-04-01COVID-19 Options for construction projects during Alert Level 4
2014-07-08Outdated burial, cremation and funeral laws one step closer to being interred – implications for all
2017-04-07Overhaul of employee share scheme taxation - draft legislation introduced to Parliament
2012-02-14Overseas defendants and the long (jurisdictional) arm of the law
2020-03-20Overseas Investment Bill brings further clarity on welcome reforms
2021-02-26Overseas Investment: Consultation on Overseas Investment Office fee structure
2021-05-11Overseas Investment: High Court provides new guidance on civil pecuniary penalties
2021-02-18Overseas Investment: New investor test to come into effect on 22 March 2021
2019-04-16Overseas investment review - phase two released
2018-10-18Overseas Investment - review announced just as new regime comes into force
2021-08-12Overseas persons investing in sensitive land to face substantially higher fees
2019-04-01Ownership of information in the digital world - reforms to copyright law in Europe and New Zealand
2018-12-21Parent company liability for subsidiary’s negligence
2017-08-10Passing of Cartels Bill marks new era in New Zealand competition law
2021-05-19Passing of Overseas Investment Bill signals final straight in marathon OIO reform
2016-06-08Pay equity working group reports back
2015-07-09Payments from foreign insurers to insolvent insureds - Who gets what?
2019-04-01Penalty Doctrine deconstructed: ACM v Southern Demolition
2019-04-23Penalty Doctrine update: Honey Bees in the Court of Appeal
2012-11-23Pike River Commission proposes health and safety reform to improve corporate governance
2013-07-01Pitt v Holt – English Supreme Court narrows Hastings-Bass rule
2021-01-19Planning to purchase auction NZUs? Simulated test auctions to run this month
2020-12-01Privacy Act 2020 comes into force
2020-10-30Privacy Act 2020 – model clauses released but 'safe harbour' regulations not expected until 2022
2019-08-12Privacy Bill faces clear path to law after second reading
2020-06-26Privacy Bill passes at last - are your privacy practices ready?
2020-03-19Privacy Bill progress - commencement date extended to November
2018-06-22Privacy Bill update: Privacy Commissioner seeks penalties of up to $1 million
2021-09-17Privacy Commissioner issues first “Compliance Notice”
2017-02-14Privacy Commissioner recommends six key changes to the Privacy Act
2020-06-26Guide to the Privacy Act 2020 and Mandatory Data Breach Notification
2018-09-14Privilege in regulatory investigations: UK Court of Appeal supports a broad approach
2017-05-19Problem Gambling Foundation wins big but loses it all again after Court of Appeal decision
2019-02-25Professional negligence claims: loss of a chance, or all-or-nothing?
2019-11-27Projects and Real Estate News Issue No. 4
2019-12-18Projects and Real Estate News Issue No. 5
2020-01-31Projects and Real Estate News Issue No. 6
2020-02-26Projects and Real Estate News Issue No. 7
2019-07-31Property Law News Issue No. 1
2019-08-29Property Law News Issue No. 2
2019-10-31Property Law News Issue No. 3
2019-07-31Property Law News Issue No. 1
2014-02-14Proposals to tax payments for lease transfers abandoned – more targeted measures proposed
2019-02-08Proposed Australian class action reform - the implications for New Zealand
2018-01-26Proposed Bill shakes up 90-Day trial periods, employee rights
2020-05-28Proposed changes for online content hosts – new Bill introduced
2017-08-10Proposed changes to derivatives investor money handling obligations
2018-05-09Proposed GST changes for low value goods
2015-07-15Proposed new bill to address “zero-hour” contracts and other unfair practices
2019-02-19Proposed new financial markets law shows strength of foreign influences
2016-05-19Proposed overhaul of tax rules for employee share schemes
2018-07-03Proposed tax changes to simplify securitisations
2017-05-29Protection for domestic violence victims in workplace - Contracting out by higher earners
2017-04-27Raising Arizona: Should New Zealand recognise blockchain signatures and smart contracts in our Electronic Transactions Act?
2016-10-11Immigration - raising the bar and narrowing the gate
2016-07-29Rarely used land tax rule could catch gains from land rezoned in Unitary Plan
2013-07-25Receivers in the gun for Court costs?
2014-04-28Receivers Not Personally Liable for Body Corporate Levies
2015-05-26Receivers personally liable for Body Corporate levies
2016-05-20Regime to address earthquake-prone buildings now law
2020-08-10Regulation of financial institutions’ conduct: Select Committee recommends changes to proposed regime
2020-05-28Regulation of online content – New Bill introduced to prevent online harm
2013-06-12Regulatory investigations & prosecutions
2016-09-09Relief for employers over misconduct investigations
2015-08-25Removal of sanctions against Iran
2019-09-10Report sets out 10-year vision for New Zealand’s capital markets
2017-03-17Request our cyber security guide
2016-04-04Request our Winegrowers Legal Guide
2019-06-25Reserve Bank Act reform: depositor protection steals the limelight, but plenty more to ponder
2018-11-01Reserve Bank consults on its role and its governance
2021-04-23Reserve Bank expands conduct regulation capabilities as deposit takers reform looms
2015-05-04Residential developers affected by Building Amendment Act 2013
2018-08-16Residential land amendments mark new era in New Zealand’s overseas investment regime
2021-06-29Resource management reform - consultation underway on NBA exposure draft
2018-08-02Responsible communication on a matter of public interest - Durie v Gardiner [2018] NZCA 278
2019-11-18Responsible lending update - new draft regulations seek to clarify scope of “reasonable inquiries"
2019-06-07Rest and meal breaks: unanswered practical questions
2015-01-30Revised NZX continuous disclosure guidance note
2020-09-24Revisiting cover for COVID-19 under business interruption policies
2015-01-23RMA changes politically expedient and a further step in the right direction
2016-03-09RMA reform back on the agenda
2015-12-02RMA reform continues
2018-02-23Robo-advice exemption: Ready, steady, go (applications are now open)
2014-10-16Round 3 of the national fluoride fight: Supporters 3; Opponents 0 - what does the latest decision mean and what’s been learned from the debate so far?
2013-08-27Sale and Supply of Alcohol Reforms – restrictions include cellar door sales
2014-02-03Searches by the Commerce Commission
2014-01-30Searches by the Financial Markets Authority
2013-10-10Searches by the Serious Fraud Office
2019-01-22Securitisation tax changes close to a reality
2021-03-11Select Committee recommends changes to ease burden on foreign investors
2018-09-10Select Committee releases report on proposed changes to Employment Relations Amendment Bill
2020-06-04Select Committee report issued - Smokefree Environments and Regulated Products (Vaping) Amendment Bill
2020-08-05Select Committee report leaves Financial Market Infrastructures Bill largely intact
2014-09-09Selective disclosure by listed issuers: recent “best practice” developments
2016-12-05Sensible alcohol promotions in the silly season - avoiding the legal traps
2014-09-22Shifting the burden: the Supreme Court rules on assigning contracts
2020-04-01Should directors’ duties be suspended during the COVID-19 lockdown?
2020-07-24Significant changes for urban development
2019-04-05Significant changes to consumer credit law introduced by the CCCFA Amendment Bill
2016-03-22Significant changes to employment standards imminent
2021-09-06Significant corporate and personal penalties imposed for one-off attempt to enter into a cartel
2016-06-23Significant opportunity to improve New Zealand’s overseas investment regime
2021-03-23Significant tax changes on the way for residential property investors
2017-03-22Snapshot of the financial advice regulatory reforms
2013-05-23Some welcome amendments proposed for the Financial Reporting Bill
2015-11-05Spotlight on organised crime and corruption: new law changes
2020-01-23Submission dates loom for ETS and energy transition consultations
2012-11-29Submissions called on Financial Reporting Bill
2018-08-29Submissions closed on proposed changes to the Insolvency Practitioners Bill 2010
2020-12-01Submissions sought on first options paper on IPSA and insurance solvency standards
2014-05-22Submissions sought on proposed health and safety regulations
2013-07-05Succession Planning
2015-01-29Supreme Court confirms building owners are not required to upgrade to 67% of NBS
2017-05-26Supreme Court update: can a liquidator claw back Ponzi scheme payments?
2014-08-11Supreme Court declares charities can be "political", but no watershed decision
2016-07-22Supreme Court rules that leases don't require tenant to remediate subsoil contamination
2014-02-14Supreme Court grants leave to appeal in Jennings case concerning insolvency priorities
2013-12-23Supreme Court overturns Steigrad decision on directors' defence costs
2020-11-19Supreme Court releases new opt-out class action decision
2014-11-10Supreme Court reverses "super priority" for Inland Revenue on insolvency
2020-09-25Supreme Court rules on directors’ duties
2019-07-10Supreme Court rules that insurance reinstatement rights cannot be assigned
2017-08-17Supreme Court widens concept of due debts in voidable transactions
2015-05-18Surprise Announcement on Property Taxation
2019-01-31Sweeping changes recommended as Fair Pay Agreement agenda takes shape
2014-05-29Taking Privacy Seriously: Proposed Overhaul of the Privacy Act 1993
2018-12-20Tax - what's in store for 2019?
2020-06-19Tax loss carry-forward: the “same or similar business” test
2020-06-19Tax loss carry-forward: the “same or similar business” test
2018-04-10Tax treatment of cryptocurrencies - Questions and (some) Answers
2014-01-31Taxation of lease inducement and surrender arrangements draft legislation before Parliament
2020-10-16Taxation of the digital economy: international changes on the horizon
2019-07-02Taxation of the Digital Economy: update
2018-07-19Taxing the blockchain - cryptocurrency and employee remuneration
2021-02-24Temporary Overseas Investment Office notification regime retained
2017-07-14Tender tags and a duty to warn?
2021-03-29Terminating a business relationship under the AML/CFT Act: practical guidance from the High Court
2019-08-08test pub 4
2020-04-23Publication style guide (limit to two lines approx. 110 characters)
2020-12-08The Big Picture: Anti-money laundering - is regulatory change on the horizon?
2020-02-18The Big Picture: Climate Change - what lies ahead in 2020?
2021-05-13The Big Picture: Climate Change - what lies ahead in 2021?
2020-03-05The Big Picture: Financial Markets - are you prepared for a conduct regulation regime?
2020-11-26The Big Picture: Financial markets - greater detail on the conduct regulation regime
2020-06-10The Big Picture: Freshwater - A clear challenge
2020-12-07The Big Picture: New rules for trusts - a toolkit for trustees
2020-01-30The Big Picture: Overseas Investment - new wave of reforms set the tone for the next decade
2018-03-13Bell Gully's the big picture: takeovers update
2012-06-01The Commerce Commission (International Co-operation, and Fees) Bill
2012-05-01The Crafar farms sale: Are there new hurdles for overseas investors in "sensitive land"?
2014-10-13The Feltex case – Lessons for an IPO
2016-05-13The final word on fee “reasonableness”
2020-07-17The Financial Markets Authority: What can businesses learn from recent FMA commentary?
2014-11-05The first steps of the 51st Parliament – Legislative reform
2020-06-09The GDPR two years on – success or failure?
2020-06-19The Health and Disability System Review – a new prescription
2020-03-19The impact of COVID-19 on construction projects
2016-05-04The International Comparative Legal Guide to Securitisation 2016
2019-02-07The interpretation of contracts
2019-03-14Justice Select Committee announces proposed amendments to the Privacy Bill
2020-08-18The limit of aggregation clauses in insurance policies
2019-02-01The long-reach of international data laws
2019-09-03The meaning and contestability of fair risk allocation in commercial contracting
2018-12-06The past restored - Employment Relations Amendment Bill 2018
2012-12-06The Qantas decision: Forfeited deposits, promises and GST liabilities
2015-05-15The Supreme Court overturns the Court of Appeal on fire service levies: are you paying the right amount?
2018-10-02The Tax Working Group’s Interim Report - A capital gains tax for New Zealand?
2015-10-13The Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement and the impact on the Overseas Investment Office
2019-05-09The Zero Carbon Bill - a closer look
2015-11-11Tips for employers as the “silly season” approaches
2010-08-20Todd v Shell and OMV - running out of gas?
2015-08-10Top climate lawyer calls for ETS review to be pushed to 2016
2015-10-06TPP finalised – key points you should note
2018-11-01Trans-Pacific Partnership trade benefits are coming
2019-10-02Transfer pricing update: copper mining and the arm's length principle
2018-11-16Trial against Mainzeal directors concludes
2017-08-04Trusts Bill will impact on financial markets structures
2014-07-28Two cases on cartel damages
2021-01-28UK Supreme Court rules on cover for COVID-19 under business interruption policies
2021-06-01UK Supreme Court rules on the meaning of a ‘deliberate act’ exclusion under an insurance policy
2020-07-06Under the influence - identifying advertisements on social media
2015-03-05Unfair Contract Terms guidelines for credit contracts
2021-08-12Unfair Contract Terms in B2B Contracts - Fair Trading Amendment Bill passes third reading
2017-03-06Unit Title changes on the way
2011-08-29Unlocking New Zealand's resources potential?
2019-06-27Unlocking the infrastructure funding barrier to urban development
2017-09-15Unlocking urban development
2017-06-27Unpacking enforceable undertakings - a fresh look at compliance in the workplace
2014-10-28Unreasonable fees under the CCCFA - An update from the High Court
2014-11-18Update: Draft Responsible Lender Code Released
2012-09-28Update on proposed changes to taxation of lease inducement payments
2015-09-09Update on recent High Court case relevant to public sector procurement
2017-11-29Update on the new Government’s foreign investment policy direction
2019-06-28Updated NZX Listing Rules apply to all issuers from 1 July 2019
2020-07-24Urban development legislative and policy updates - what significant changes are ahead?
2013-04-11Voidable defence is further limited
2020-03-17COVID-19 Wage subsidies, leave changes and tax relief feature in governments COVID-19 package
2020-09-24Westpac agrees to AU$1.3 billion penalty for AML breaches: what NZ financial institutions need to know
2019-02-07What can New Zealand learn from the strawberry tampering crisis?
2020-04-16What does the new medicinal cannabis scheme mean for New Zealand?
2015-08-07What is ISDS?
2014-10-22What is new for freshwater?
2018-09-12What is the latest in privacy law reform?
2021-03-26What is “unconscionable conduct”? Australian court offers guidance
2017-03-02What the release of the Financial Advisers Bill could mean to your business
2019-06-21What you need to know about the Farm Debt Mediation Bill
2014-09-29What’s been keeping the Financial Markets Authority busy?
2015-04-07When are lenders’ fees unreasonable? Guidance from the Court of Appeal
2021-02-16When can a parent company be liable for damage caused by its subsidiary? UK Supreme Court offers insight
2013-07-26When less is not more – access to Court files and 'follow–on' litigation
2020-02-21“Whistle while you work?” Government commits to strengthening whistleblowing laws
2014-07-17Who owns a bribe?
2019-06-24Who reads online terms, and does it matter? Lessons from the US
2015-08-20Widening the Net: New GST Proposals for Digital Purchases, Cross-Border Services and Low Value Imports
2017-04-27Withholding tax payments accelerated on related party loans with retrospective effect
2019-05-30Wolters Kluwer New Zealand Budget Report 2019
2020-05-14Wolters Kluwer New Zealand Budget Report 2020
2021-05-20Wolters Kluwer New Zealand Budget Report 2021
2016-03-30Worker participation duties for PCBUs with voluntary workers
2017-03-06Working hour worries - one month for employers to shape up
2014-02-28Working with "workable competition"
2015-07-03WTO commends NZ approach to trade
2018-06-28Zero Carbon Bill update: discussion document seeks public feedback
2015-08-31“Clean and tidy” lease clause requires tenant to remediate subsoil contamination
2016-02-22“Now we got bad blood” - Court of Appeal confirms beneficiaries’ right to trust documents is circumstances dependent
2017-10-26“Transformational” changes to the employment landscape under new government?